Perkins Plan Overview

The Hawai’i Community College Perkins Plan follows requirements found in the Hawai’i Perkins IV Policies and Procedures Manual,  developed by the Office of the  State Director for Career and Technical Education (OSDCTE). The college also utilizes forms, due dates, and procedures outlined in the Perkins RFP published by the UHCC System.

Hawai’i Community College’s plan for CTE programs focuses on accountability and program improvement, links Career and Technical Education (CTE) to rigorous academic standards, and has a strong focus on business and industry. It includes an analysis of Perkins postsecondary core indicators of performance for each CTE program at the college and for each of the special population categories identified in the Perkins IV Act.

The management of Perkins funds received via the UHCC System comply with all aspects of the Perkins statute and the requirements found in the federal Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR). This includes the college having a financial management system in place with required fiscal controls and procedures to track the expenditure and accounting of Perkins funds allocated to the college. EDGAR section 80.20(b) (replaced by adoption of 2 CFR Part 200) contains the standards for a compliant financial management system.

The college’s Perkins Plan submitted to the UHCC system along with requests for funds is updated annually. It includes comparison of Perkins postsecondary core indicators  for the current year with past performance to identify gaps and student needs. In addition to updating the Perkins Plan each program within the college is required to complete an annual program review. This review is augmented by an ongoing systematic assessment process developed to monitor student achievement of learning outcomes at the course, program and college level. Information collected from these processes is used to modify the Perkins Plan, altering CTE programs to better meet the needs of students and employers.

Hawai’i CC Title I College Plan, 2015-2016