Grant Funds

Perkins Grant Funds are awarded to Hawai’i Community College (Hawai’i CC) by the University of Hawai’i Community College (UHCC) system. Requests made by the college for grant funds utilize the Perkins IV Intervention Strategy Proposal Form provided by the UHCC system. Each strategy is reviewed, using the Perkins Evaluation Rubric provided by the UHCC system office. The rubric is used by one or more CTE Deans from another UH Community College to evaluate each strategy. Strategies are further scrutinized by the CTE Deans as a whole as they seek to prioritize and allocate available Perkins funds.

Discussion of each proposed strategy by the CTE Deans coupled with the stated requirements of the Proposal Form and Evaluation Rubric insure that funded activities:

  • link to one or more of the State adjusted levels of performance.
  • focus on the  meeting or exceeding of State adjusted levels of performance.
  • result from an analysis of pertinent data and support the college CTE plan.
  •  result in a measurable product or outcome.
  • are permissible under the Carl D Perkins Act of 2006.

Funding letters sent to the College by the UHCC System Office provide evidence that the college’s strategy complies with the criteria required by the Perkins Act. When an issue arises as to whether a strategy is in compliance, the State Director’s office is consulted.

Projects funded for 2015-16 included the following:

  1. Aluminum Welding Equipment for ABRP, $56,000
  2. New Technology in Cooking Equipment for Culinary EH, $31,099
  3. Increased Retention Using Cohort Based Supplemental Instruction for SWD, $143,118
  4. CTE Dean Travel, $4,200

End-of-year reports are submitted to the UHCC System for each strategy funded. The report links requested funds to actual fund expenditures. A template provided by the UHCC System is used to ensure all required information is provided. End-of-year reports are retained for five years.